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Texas Technical Ceramics Aquires Dry Press Operation

Willis, Texas, TEXAS TECHNICAL CERAMICS, INC. has recently acquired the dry press operation of Wisconsin Porcelain Company, Inc. This acquisition will increase processing capacity for Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. and provide them with a broader range of products, boosting their capabilities for more complex steatite products and advancing their production of cordierites as well.

The addition will increase market share for Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. in the electronics, lighting base and appliance industries. Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. will continue its close relationship with Associated Ceramics & Technology, Inc., Sarver, PA for technical support, tooling, and customer support in the production of high-end aluminas, steatites, cordierites, and wollastonite technical ceramics.

Current Wisconsin Porcelain Company, Inc. customers can expect to be fully supported by Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. on or before March 31st. For further information please contact Jeff Lassinger at (724) 353-1585 (Associated Ceramics & Technology, Inc.).

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