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Industrial Ceramic Materials

Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. utilizes the most advanced materials to develop ceramic applications that are built to last. Our experience with Alumina, Cordierite, Steatite, Spinel, Wollastonite, and various Partially Stabilized Zirconia’s, enables our engineers to find solutions for your most complex project needs. Contact TTC today to learn more about our use of advanced ceramic materials and applications.  Click here to contact us or call Jeff Lassinger at (936) 856-2903.


Modern alumina (Al2O3) products are among the strongest and hardest of all ceramic materials. They also have a high dielectric strength and at elevated temperatures, such as those encountered in many applications, their electrical resistance is excellent.


Cordierite is a magnesium aluminum silicate which possesses an extremely low thermal expansion and low thermal conductivity. Cordierite is used when thermal shock is a concern in the finished product.


Steatite is a crystalline form of magnesium silicate. It is a low loss, low cost, relatively good strength insulating material which can function safely at temperatures up to 2,000° F.


Magnesium aluminate is the most common and well-known member of the Spinel series. The Curie temperature varies similarly with the sample composition in ceramics.


Wollastonite is a calcium magnesium silicate. Wollastonite compositions can be formulated with 20 to 40 percent porosity. This variable porosity adjusts the overall strength versus thermal shock.

Partially Stabilized Zirconia

Partially Stabilized Zirconia (PSZ) components are considerably more expansive than alumina and other oxide ceramics.  However, PSZ components have unique properties such as extremely high fracture toughness, high thermal expansion, high flexural strength (MOR), and low thermal expansion.

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