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Texas Technical Industries Served

Aerospace & Aviation

Texas Technical Ceramics (TTC) offers a wide range of essential ceramic components that satisfy the aerospace and aviation industries. TTC utilizes its advanced technical expertise and the highest quality materials to create various Tubes and customer specified geometries. TTC offers its customers advanced prototyping, design and modifications to ensure your products meet the rigorous demands within the industry.

Chemical Processing

Texas Technical Ceramics manufactures a variety of custom chemical compounds to serve the chemical processing industry. TTC offers a host of specialty materials that include wear resistant and pure resources for electrodes and catodes. TTC engineers work diligently to develop custom materials that produce the highest level of durability and performance.

Electronics & Appliances

Texas Technical Ceramics offers the very best in ceramic applications utilized within the electronic industry ranging from Steatite to Aluminas.  These specialized parts allow our customers to produce smarter, more innovative products that include Resistors, Capacitors and Insulators. TTC offers its customers the most advanced engineering methods to get these high tech products to market sooner at competitive prices.

Electron Tube Components

Texas Technical Ceramics offers innovation in custom high purity Alumina and Spinel. All of our specialized tubing products are pure, long-lasting components that may be used for an array of industrial applications. A few of these uses include:Windows, X-Ray Tubes and Power Switches.

Fuel Cells, Sensors & Membranes

Texas Technical Ceramics provides state-of-the-art ceramic components for the fuel cell industry. TTC utilizes a team of experts to manufacture advanced ceramic parts that are often used for Hydrogen producing fuel cells. TTC offers its customers ample support in the design and manufacturing process to ensure its customers products last and perform while controlling costs.

Laser Equipment Components

Texas Technical Ceramics develops original ceramic components to serve the laser equipment industry. TTC offers the most advanced technology in engineering specialized ceramic parts that support the needs of this cutting edge industry. TTC has extensive experience producing parts for various lasers using high purity materials that will not disturb the laser field.

Mining & Minerals

Texas Technical Ceramics supports the complex efforts of the mining and mineral industry by producing a variety of ceramic parts. Alumina and Zirconia displays superior strength, durability and cost effective solutions for this seasoned industry. These time-tested ceramics are best utilized for high volume, high capacity operations below ground.

Oil & Gas

Texas Technical Ceramics has been offering custom ceramic parts for the Oil & Gas industry for almost 30 years. TTC works diligently to provide specialty ceramic components for the mass production of U.S. resources. TTC’s innovative ceramic products and materials are best suited to handle moisture, temperature, and pressure because they offer superior durability and cost effective solutions. These highly utilized components include: choke beans, pumps, valves, flow regulators, and many down hole applications.

Power Generation

C105 and alumina materials are used to develop Insulators, Isolators and wear resistant linings. These products are critical to the Power Generation industry because they offer efficiency, cost reduction and increased production. TTC supports the needs of the U.S Power Industry and its continuous advancements and challenges. Our customers benefit from our quick-turn manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise.

Pulp & Paper

Texas Technical Ceramics expertly crafts ceramic components in order to provide our customers with the very best applications for use within the Pulp & Paper industry. Alumina and Zirconia are most successful because they offer decreased downtime, higher speeds and lower abrasion. Our custom ceramic parts have been generously applied to support drainage issues within this industry.


Texas Technical Ceramics produces various semiconductors for numerous electrical, heating/cooling and technology companies throughout the U.S. and Mexico. These components lend themselves to several critical applications which include: Ceramic Insulators and Photo Cells. TTC has mastered the skills necessary to produce trusted ceramic parts that offer sustainability and cost efficiency.


Texas Technical Ceramics manufactures a multitude of products such as that are specific to progressive advancements in telecommunications. TCC utilizes pure and highly sustainable materials and advanced engineering capabilities to support the need of this growing industry. Our elite services include: Design, prototyping, custom applications and mass production.


Within the Thermal industry, ceramics stand up where many other materials falter. The success of Alumina can be attributed to its extreme melting point. Texas Technical Ceramics utilizes advanced ceramics applications to develop Furnace linings, Boilers and Reformers that are heavily utilized within the industry.


Texas Technical Ceramics works collectively with those in the transportation industry to improve safety, performance and proficiency. Innovative ceramic products such as dynamic breaking and power storage offer state-of-the-art, cost effective solutions for the transportation industry. Texas Technical Ceramics demonstrates its global responsibility by supporting transportation components that are environmentally friendly.

Tubes & Rods

Heightened efficiency and length of durability of products are dependent upon selecting materials that are most applicable. TTC engineers provide expert instruction to our customers that enable them to select the most appropriate ceramic and polymer Tubes and Rods. We offer support from initial concept to mass production while offering cost effective solutions and superior customer service.

Wire & Cabling

Texas Technical Ceramics supports the innovative advancements of the many uses of modern wires and cables. TTC has extensive experience developing solutions for the multiple industries that utilize these components. TTC creates ceramic insulators that are often used for high voltage instances. Our expert engineers offer support from concept to mass production while ensuring competitive pricing.

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