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Industrial Level Capabilities

With over 30 years of ceramic manufacturing experience, Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. offers its diverse customer base a wide range of capabilities to include, but not limited to the following:



  • Material Preparation: High Intensity Mixers, Driers, Ball Mills, Nano Mills, Spray Driers
  • TTC can produce 20 tons per day of ceramic formulas
  • Pressing: 2 ton – 125 ton pressing available to produce parts up to 4”
  • ISO Pressing: Up to 60,000 psi to produce sizes to 12”- 36”
  • Extrusion: Form 20 tons - 250 tons capable of producing parts up to 8” diameters
  • Firing temperatures up to 3100° F with the ability to fire up to 1,000,000 parts/day
  • Fully equipped machine tool shop for tooling and machined ceramic parts
  • Developmental labs for custom materials and part specifications
  • Custom and mass production capabilities from concept to completion
  • Fully equipped inspection department and support

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